Non Western Art: Asian Art


The Great Wave of Kanagawa by Katushika Hokusai

– It was created sometime between 1830-1833

– The art work depicts a threatening wave to Japan and the fishing boats near Kanagawa.

– This is one of the most recognizable art works of Japan.




Cypress Tree Byobu, by Kano Eitoku

– Created in 1590, originally as a folding screen

– This style uses bold and rapid brushwork,

– This work is created with ink and gold leaf on paper

– Eitoku produced for many similar screens for the castles of shoguns and the Japanese nobility.




Shoki zu by Okumura Masanobu

– It was created between 1741-1751

– The art work is of a figure in Chinese mythology, thought to be a traveling warrior who fights evil, and able to command 80,000 demons simultaneously.




Sudden Shower at the Atake Bridge by Hiroshige

– It was created in 1856

– Depicts a flash rain shower taking place of the Atake Bridge in Japan.



I personally have always been intrigued with Asian artwork; I think it is very unique and different than any other kind. My interest in it lies mostly with the culture present in Asia that is depicted through their art works. The four art works selected for this exhibit of Non Western art illustrate a deep social and lifestyle culture because a lot of the things depicted in art from hundreds of years still exhist, such as “The Great Wave of Kanagawa” and how it threatened fishing and boating on the coast, that Japan still faces during tsunamis and hurricanes.


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